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Use the page to take part in Make Your Mark 2024!     /     Defnyddia’r dudalen i gymryd rhan yn Gwneud Eich Marc 2024!

Make Your Mark is delivered by the British Youth Council (BYC). We are collecting some information about you to help us better understand more about the young people who are voting. Your vote is still anonymous and we won’t be able to link any information back to you. You can read more about what we do with your data here.

Mae Make your Mark yn cael ei gyflwyno gan Gyngor Ieuenctid Prydain. Rydyn ni'n casglu rhywfaint o wybodaeth amdanoch chi i'n helpu ni i ddeall mwy am y bobl ifanc sy'n pleidleisio. Mae eich pleidlais yn dal yn ddienw ac ni fyddwn yn gallu cysylltu unrhyw wybodaeth yn ôl â chi. Gallwch ddarllen mwy am yr hyn rydym yn ei wneud gyda'ch data yma.

Please check the box to indicate that you have understood the above and consent to us processing your data.     /     Ticiwch y blwch isod i ddangos eich bod wedi deall yr uchod a rhoi caniatâd i brosesu eich data

What is your home postcode? / Beth yw côd post dy gartref?

Your age / Dy oed

Are you taking part with your school or youth organisation? / Wyt ti’n cymryd rhan gyda’r ysgol neu gyda sefydliad ieuenctid?

If yes, what is the name of your school / youth organisation? / Os wyt ti, beth yw enw dy ysgol neu sefydliad ieuenctid?

Make Your Mark is Delivered by the British Youth Council (BYC), a company limited by guarantee (No.6226595) and a registered charity in England and Wales (No. 1123224). You can find BYC's privacy policy here. This voting platform is powered by YMCA George Williams College, a company limited by guarantee (No. 02978406) and a registered charity in England and Wales (No. 1044624). You can find the College's privacy policy here.